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A fully equipped movement studio where independent wellness and exercise practitioners bring their expertise to Pacific Palisades.

Our Teacher Members Offer:
GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Teacher Training
Massage/Thai Massage


“Breath, movement, intent, hesitation, stillness as a posture are all manifesting both the flow of the movement and the result of that flow…”



Aliyah has been my Gyrotonic teacher for three years and I am so very fortunate to have experienced her grace and expertise. Aliyah has a hard to find balance between exuding deep compassion while being light hearted and fun. She is clearly an expert in her field and approaches teaching Gyrotonic from a holistic perspective. I acquired a severe case of frozen shoulder due to hormonal shifts which was, without a doubt, the most challenging physical hurdle with which I had ever been faced. Aliyah was instrumental in my recovery. I don’t think I could have made the progress I did without Aliyah’s infinite support, compassion, creativity and hands on therapeutic exercises. She is a beautiful spirit who wants to share her magic with the world.


A little over a year ago I developed severe back pain that kept me in bed for several weeks, it turned out to be a herniated disc. My wife had already been doing Gyrotonic with Aliyah for a few months at this point, and she thought it could help me too. I asked my chiropractor, and he said he had heard good things about it and that it should be safe for me to do. So I started in with Aliyah. At first I could barely move, I was still in a lot of pain, and walking with a cane. After several weeks, I started to feel more flexible and my paint began to decrease. Aliyah is a very patient instructor, and is well trained in dealing with back issues. She was very careful not to demand more than my back could give. Now, over a year later, I am pain free, and feel more strength in my back and core. I still have a ways to go, but Gyro has definitely helped me, and I plan to continue with it indefinitely. Not long after I started, my father-in-law tried working Aliyah, mainly for neck and shoulder pain from golfing. He still sees Aliyah every week and tells me he likes her style also. So now Aliyah has three members of my family hooked on Gyro!


I am 73 years old and started working out with Aliyah at Gyrotonic 4 years ago. I have been exercising my whole life. The last 15 years my exercise routine had been yoga 3 times a week and a few days a week on a tread mill. I was introduced to Gyrotonic from my arthritis doctor when I complained of joint pain in my hips and back. Within three months I was feeling 100% better and realized that Gyrotonic training had tremendous benefits for me. Aliyah, my instructor is a delight to work with. She developed a program to make me more flexible and build strength where needed. All I can say is that there is no other type of exercise that has the benefits you get from Gyrotonic. If you try it once you will understand what I’m talking about.


After 10 years of doing Pilates in Texas and Carmel, I came to Carmel in May of 2018 wanting to get some more flexibility. I had heard about Gyro but really could not find someone in Texas that I felt knew their stuff. I noticed Aliyah’s White Lotus website for Carmel before I left Texas and gave her a call. She had the credentials that I was looking for and the flexibility to meet my schedule needs as well. So many times you read something and even interview someone by phone and then find the “in-person” experience is not the same. I am happy to report that this was not the case and that we hit it off and I learned a lot and found that this form of movement did just what I needed to get my back moving at all levels again. Aliyah Fragen made it clear that if I wanted to have results I needed to commit the time to learn the basics. We started out two days a week but I soon got such good results in my golf game that I worked in three when our schedules permitted. As her website delineates she has all the instruction and experience that someone would hope to find . That is just the half of it. She sizes you up quick, figures out what works for you and then gets you to the next step so you really get the best out of this method of movement. Soon she introduced me to Gyrokinesis which you can easily do at home without much real equipment at all. All this gets you moving so the work on the equipment goes more smoothly. While she is nice she has an “eagle eye” and has no problem correcting you along the way so you get the most out of the work. Within a month I was back with my Texas Pilates person by phone and telling her about the work and so she has gotten the equipment and is being certified so I can also do this in Texas when there. If your are interested in feeling better and getting more out of your body without hurting yourself, go under the watchful eye of Aliyah and commit to making some changes. If you will do that I guarantee you will be satisfied. I’m 71 and I can tell you it has worked for me.